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Ajax Wanderers RUFC: A Brief History

The Ajax Wanderers Rugby Club can lay claim to being the founding club for rugby in post-war Ontario. Started by a group of English immigrants who missed their favourite sport from back home in 1949, the club originally had no similar opposition to compete against. The early years saw games against the University of Toronto and McGill University. The Toronto Nomads,  Aurora Barbarians, Irish Canadians and to a lesser extent the Brantford Harlequins all owe their existence to those early Wanderers. Once a league was in place Wanderers became immediately successful winning several provincial championships in the late 1950s. The club also began a tradition of touring that continues to this day. Going on tour and hosting teams is one of the finest traditions in rugby and the sport provides an opportunity like no other for players to travel the world as a team or as individuals. Over the years Wanderers have toured extensively within Canada,  the United States,  Great Britain and even an occasional trip to the continent. The club has also hosted teams from all over the world. Developing players to play on the provincial,  national and international stage has always been a priority and the Wanderers have provided players to the Canadian national team almost from its beginnings with John Ackerly representing his country in 1971. That tradition has continued through the years with the likes of Scott Mackinnon and David Moonlight who was a long time captain of the Canadian National 7s team. Wanderers have also welcomed players from around the globe to play with the club as they travel or on an exchange basis.
Ajax Wanderers is a dynamic and growing club and not all of the clubs success is buried in the past. The club last won the Ontario Senior Men’s championship in 1998, a decade which also saw the women’s team as the dominant force in the province with a large contingent moving up to play for the women’s national team. Although the club suffered two relegations after that provincial championship, the Wanderers won the TRU Men’s title in 2004,  2006,  and 2009 as well as the TRU Men’s 2nd XV title in 2007.

The club is currently experiencing an upswing in its fortunes both for individuals and as an organization. With one of the best facilities in the province,  and a continual stream of up and coming players,  the club continues to provide players to Ontario and Canada. John Moonlight is a current member of the Men’s National Program and several Wanderers have recently represented their country at U17 and U20 level. Most exciting of all though is the success of the Men’s 1st XV,  which last year won promotion back into the Ontario leagues for the first time in a decade. This success was achieved with an extremely young group who look forward to working together to put Ajax Wanderers back at the pinnacle of rugby in Ontario.

Ajax Wanderers RUFC: Today

The Ajax Wanderers Rugby Club actively promotes the game of rugby and its values and traditions that stress team play,  pride in oneself and the community and a healthy life style through the development of lifelong social,  emotional and physical skills. The Ajax Wanderers Rugby Club provides opportunities and programs for youth,  regardless of age,  gender or economic hardship,  to participate in safe,  organized and competitive rugby at the community,  provincial and national levels.

Any and all levels of players are welcome at the Wanderers club. The current program includes teams in the following age groups;

      • Under 8 – Co-ed – Non Contact (flag rugby)
      • Under 10 – Co-ed – Non Contact (flag rugby)
      • Under 12 – Co-ed – Contact
      • Under 14 Boys
      • Under 16 Boys
      • Under 18 Boys  Under 18 Girls
      • Senior Men
      • Senior Women

Belief in the Spirit of the Game: Fair play and the Wanderers Code of Ethics

There are many different choices if a person is inclined to be of a sporting nature. One usually makes their choice based on what friend’s do,  what is locally available or on family traditions. In Canada,  rugby is not as mainstream as hockey or football,  but it does provide a unique portal for the Canadian sportsman.
Whether a full International,  a muddy schoolyard,  or on a beach for a game of touch,  rugby is played for the sheer love of the game by passionate people. At the Wanderers club,  members are encouraged to adhere to a code of ethics that include the following guidelines;

      • Play the game for the game’s sake
      • Be obedient to the laws of the game
      • Work for the good of the team and the club
      • To win is always desirable,  but to win at any cost defeats the purpose of the game
      • The decision of the officials of the competition are respected and final
      • Conduct yourself,  at all times,  with honour and dignity
      • Be respectful of the facilities,  club members and players of hosting clubs
      • Visiting teams and officials are our welcomed guests
      • Recognize and applaud honesty and whole-heartedly the efforts of your players and opponents
      • Accept both victory and defeat with honour and control
      • Remember that at all time your actions and words reflect on the name and members,  past and present,  of the Wanderers

Club Achievements

      • 1957 – Ontario champions
      • 1967 – Quebec 7’s winners
      • 1968 – Windsor 7’s winners
      • 1968 – Ontario 7’s winners
      • 1974 – Ontario Summer Games Gold Medal
      • 1984 – Ontario Summer Games Gold Medal
      • 1985 – Ontario 7’s winners (over 35s)
      • 1987 – Ontario 7’s winners (over 35s)
      • 1989 – Ontario 7’s winners (over 35s)
      • 1990 – Ontario 7’s winners (over 35s)
      • 1994 – TRU Champions
      • 1994 – TRU 3rds Champions
      • 1995 – TRU 3rds Champions
        1995 – ORU Women’s Champions (undefeated all season)
      • 1996 – ORU Women’s Champions (undefeated all season)
      • 1996 – Voted club of the year by Toronto Referees Society
      • 1998 – McCormick Cup Winners
      • 2006 – TRU Men’s Champions
      • 2007 – TRU A2 Men’s Division Champions
      • 2009 – TRU A1 Men’s League Champions
      • 2011 – TRU A1 Men’s League Champions
      • 2012 – Marshall Provincial 1st Division Champions
      • 2012 – Marshall Provincial 2nd Division Champions
      • 2014 – Marshall Championship 2nd Division Champions

Member Achievements

      • 1950 – Lionel Frost – First ORU President
      • 1958 – Ian Walker – ORU Director
      • 1966 – Jimmy Hamilton – ORU President
      • 1999 – Rick Powers – ORU President
      • 2000 – Rick Powers – ORU President
      • 2001 – Rick Powers – ORU President

Canadian Players

Senior Men

Junior Men

Senior Women

2000 to 2009 David Moonlight
Adam Vanstavern
Josh Connor
John Moonlight
Kyle Armstrong
Courtney Mendez
Jake Morrison
1990 to 1999 Karl Svoboda
Kevin Morgan
Adam Marshall
Scott Mackinnon
Kyle Nicholls
Brian McCarthy
Adam Marshall
Brendan Traynor
Kyle Nicholls
Glen Miller
Nick Griffiths
Ryan Bennett
Adam Vanstavern
David Moonlight
Eric Cuzzolino
Sandra Mueller
Annette Shiels
Joanne Gardner
Ginna Minutillo
Moira Shiels
Natascha Wesch
Laurie Lundy
Nina Orescanin
Janet Burrell
Lee Fairclough
Sarah Hall
Tara Trussell
Helen Kaira
Jen Ross
Helen Russell
Sue Asprey
Ann Marie Flemin
1980 to 1989 Karl Svoboda
Spencer Robinson
Spencer Robinson
Mitch Turner
Kevin Morgan
1970 to 1979 John Ackery
1960 to 1969 Mike Gilhespy
Robert Wilson
John Ackery



1950 – Lionel Frost
1951 – Jimmy Niven
1952 – Giff Calvert
1953 – Giff Calvert
1954 – Harry Jackson
1955 – Harry Jackson
1956 – Tony Last
1957 – Tony Last
1958 – Tony Last
1959 – Gordon Beckerleg
1960 – Ray Tredgett
1961 – Alex Copeland
1962 – Art Fowler
1963 – Art Fowler
1964 – Art Fowler
1965 – Art Fowler
1966 – Art Fowler
1967 – Dave Owen
1968 – Art Fowler
1969 – Art Fowler
1970 – Mike Gilhespy
1971 – Mike Gilhespy
1972 – Mike Gilhespy
1973 – Geoff Church
1974 – Geoff Church
1975 – Mike Gilhespy
1976 – Norm Campbell
1977 – Norm Campbell
1978 – Norm Campbell
1979 – Terry Hale
1980 – Terry Hale
1981 – Richard Black
1982 – Richard Black
1983 – Steve Burgess
1984 – Steve Burgess
1985 – Richard Black
1986 – David Loucks
1987 – David Loucks
1988 – Neil Miskell
1989 – Neil Miskell
1990 – Mac Mitchell
1991 – Hugh Mowbray
1992 – Hugh Mowbray
1993 – Sandy Smith
1994 – Sandy Smith
1995 – Rick Powers
1996 – Rick Powers
1997 – Rick Powers
1998 – Rick Powers
1999 – Rick Powers
2000 – Terry Hale
2001 – Ron Moss
2002 – Ron Moss
2003 – Ron Moss
2004 – Ron Moss
2005 – Paul Don
2006 – Richard Black
2007 – Richard Black
2008 – Jeff Mallett
2009 – Jeff Mallett
2010 – Jeff Mallett
2011 – Jeff Mallett
2012 – Jeff Mallett
2013 – Jeff Mallett
2014 – Skip Crosby
2015 – Skip Crosby
2016 – Skip Crosby
2017 – Stew Dobbs